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bisonte, Bison antiquus, entra al claro! Squeak!!! stomp! stomp! stomp! RAAAWRR!!! 2. 3 encontrar en La Brea, pero no todas estas especies squeak? Privado de agua y comida, el raton atrapado muere* junto con la megafauna TU MISIÓN Gracias por tal como lo hacemos en el laboratorio de La Brea Tar Pits.
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A few small footholds presented themselves, and there was some indication of a ledge. The cliff is so high that to climb it all was an obvious impossibility, and it was equally impossible to make my way along the wet path without leaving some tracks.

Squeeky regresa a cumplir su Misión (Squeeky, el Ratón de Laboratorio nº 3) por Joe Cardozo

I might, it is true, have reversed my boots, as I have done on similar occasions, but the sight of three sets of tracks in one direction would certainly have suggested a deception. On the whole, then, it was best that I should risk the climb. It was not a pleasant business, Watson. The fall roared beneath me.

A mistake would have been fatal. More than once, as tufts of grass came out in my hand or my foot slipped in the wet notches of the rock, I thought that I was gone. But I struggled upward, and at last I reached a ledge several feet deep and covered with soft green moss, where I could lie unseen, in the most perfect comfort. There I was stretched, when you, my dear Watson, and all your following were investigating in the most sympathetic and inefficient manner the circumstances of my death.

Había algunos salientes pequeños y me pareció distinguir una cornisa. El precipicio era tan alto que parecía completamente imposible trepar hasta arriba, pero también resultaba imposible regresar por el sendero mojado sin dejar algunas huellas. Es cierto que podría haberme puesto las botas al revés, como va he hecho otras veces en ocasiones similares, pero la presencia de tres series de pisadas en la misma dirección habría hecho sospechar un engaño.

En conclusión, me pareció que lo mejor era arriesgarme a trepar. Le aseguro, Watson, que no fue una escalada agradable. La catarata rugía debajo de mí. El menor desliz habría resultado fatal. I had imagined that I had reached the end of my adventures, but a very unexpected occurrence showed me that there were surprises still in store for me. A huge rock, falling from above, boomed past me, struck the path, and bounded over into the chasm.

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Of course, the meaning of this was obvious. Moriarty had not been alone. A confederate--and even that one glance had told me how dangerous a man that confederate was--had kept guard while the Professor had attacked me. He had waited, and then making his way round to the top of the cliff, he had endeavoured to succeed where his comrade had failed. Por fin, cuando todos ustedes hubieron sacado sus inevitables y completamente erróneas conclusiones, se marcharon al hotel y yo quedé solo. Por un momento pensé que se trataba de un accidente, pero un instante después miré hacia arriba y vi la cabeza de un hombre recortada contra el cielo nocturno, mientras una segunda roca golpeaba la cornisa misma en la que yo me encontraba, a un palmo escaso de mi cabeza.

Por supuesto, aquello sólo podía significar una cosa: Moriarty no había estado solo. Un cómplice -y me había bastado aquel fugaz vistazo para saber lo peligroso que era dicho cómplice había montado guardia mientras el profesor me atacaba. Desde lejos, sin que yo lo advirtiera, había sido testigo de la muerte de su amigo y de mi escapatoria. Había aguardado su momento y ahora, tras dar un rodeo hasta lo alto del precipicio, estaba intentando conseguir lo que su camarada no había logrado.

Again I saw that grim face look over the cliff, and I knew that it was the precursor of another stone. I scrambled down on to the path. It was a hundred times more difficult than getting up.

But I had no time to think of the danger, for another stone sang past me as I hung by my hands from the edge of the ledge. Halfway down I slipped, but, by the blessing of God, I landed, torn and bleeding, upon the path. I took to my heels, did ten miles over the mountains in the darkness, and a week later I found myself in Florence, with the certainty that no one in the world knew what had become of me. Volví a ver aquel siniestro rostro sobre el borde del precipicio y supe que anunciaba la caída de otra piedra.

Me descolgué hasta el sendero. A la mitad del descenso resbalé, pero gracias a Dios fui a caer en el sendero, lleno de arañazos y sangrando. Eché a correr, recorrí en la oscuridad diez millas de montaña y una semana después me encontraba en Florencia, con la certeza de que nadie en el mundo sabía lo que había sido de mí.

I owe you many apologies, my dear Watson, but it was all-important that it should be thought I was dead, and it is quite certain that you would not have written so convincing an account of my unhappy end had you not yourself thought that it was true. Several times during the last three years I have taken up my pen to write to you, but always I feared lest your affectionate regard for me should tempt you to some indiscretion which would betray my secret.

For that reason I turned away from you this evening when you upset my books, for I was in danger at the time, and any show of surprise and emotion upon your part might have drawn attention to my identity and led to the most deplorable and irreparable results.

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As to Mycroft, I had to confide in him in order to obtain the money which I needed. The course of events in London did not run so well as I had hoped, for the trial of the Moriarty gang left two of its most dangerous members, my own most vindictive enemies, at liberty.

Entre les máquinas y las ideas : un análisis de dos cuentos quiroguianos

I travelled for two years in Tibet, therefore, and amused myself by visiting Lhassa, and spending some days with the head lama. You may have read of the remarkable explorations of a Norwegian named Sigerson, but I am sure that it never occurred to you that you were receiving news of your friend. I then passed through Persia, looked in at Mecca, and paid a short but interesting visit to the Khalifa at Khartoum the results of which I have communicated to the Foreign Office.

Returning to France, I spent some months in a research into the coal-tar derivatives, which I conducted in a laboratory at Montpellier, in the south of France. Having concluded this to my satisfaction and learning that only one of my enemies was now left in London, I was about to return when my movements were hastened by the news of this very remarkable Park Lane Mystery, which not only appealed to me by its own merits, but which seemed to offer some most peculiar personal opportunities.

I came over at once to London, called in my own person at Baker Street, threw Mrs. Hudson into violent hysterics, and found that Mycroft had preserved my rooms and my papers exactly as they had always been.

Sólo he tenido un confidente, mi hermano Mycroft. Le pido mil perdones, querido Watson, pero era fundamental que todos me creyeran muerto, y estoy completamente seguro de que usted no habría podido escribir un relato tan convincente de mi desdichado final si no hubiera estado convencido de que era cierto. Varias veces he tomado la pluma para escribirle durante estos tres años, pero siempre temí que el afecto que usted siente por mí le impulsara a cometer alguna indiscreción que traicionara mi secreto.

Por esta razón me alejé de usted esta tarde cuando usted tiró mis libros, porque la situación era peligrosa y cualquier señal de sorpresa y emoción por su parte podría haber llamado la atención hacia mi identidad, con consecuencias lamentables e irreparables. En cuanto a Mycroft, tuve que confiar en él para obtener el dinero que necesitaba.

Así pues, me dediqué a viajar durante dos años por el Tibet, y me entretuve visitando Lhassa y pasando unos días con el Gran Lama. Después atravesé Persia, me detuve en La Meca y realicé una breve pero interesante visita al califa de Jartum, cuyos resultados he comunicado al Foreign Office. Habiendo concluido la investigación con resultados satisfactorios, y enterado de que sólo quedaba en Londres uno de mis enemigos, me disponía a regresar cuando recibí noticias de este curioso misterio de Park Lane, que me hicieron ponerme en marcha antes de lo previsto porque el caso no sólo me resultaba atractivo por sus propios méritos, sino que parecía ofrecer interesantes oportunidades de tipo personal.

Y así, querido Watson, a las dos en punto del día de hoy me encontraba sentado en mi vieja butaca, en mi vieja habitación, deseando que mi viejo amigo Watson ocupara la otra butaca, que tantas veces había adornado con su persona. Such was the remarkable narrative to which I listened on that April evening--a narrative which would have been utterly incredible to me had it not been confirmed by the actual sight of the tall, spare figure and the keen, eager face, which I had never thought to see again.

In some manner he had learned of my own sad bereavement, and his sympathy was shown in his manner rather than in his words.

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Let that suffice until half-past nine, when we start upon the notable adventure of the empty house. Este fue el extraordinario relato que escuché aquella tarde de abril, un relato que me habría parecido absolutamente increíble de no haberlo confirmado la visión de la alta y enjuta figura y del rostro agudo y vivaz que yo habría creído que nunca volvería a ver. Así ocuparemos el tiempo hasta las nueve y media, hora en que emprenderemos la trascendental aventura de la casa vacía. It was indeed like old times when, at that hour, I found myself seated beside him in a hansom, my revolver in my pocket, and the thrill of adventure in my heart.

Holmes was cold and stern and silent. As the gleam of the street-lamps flashed upon his austere features, I saw that his brows were drawn down in thought and his thin lips compressed. I knew not what wild beast we were about to hunt down in the dark jungle of criminal London, but I was well assured, from the bearing of this master huntsman, that the adventure was a most grave one--while the sardonic smile which occasionally broke through his ascetic gloom boded little good for the object of our quest.

A la hora mencionada, verdaderamente como en los viejos tiempos, yo iba sentado junto a Holmes en un cabriolé, con un revólver en el bolsillo y la emoción de la aventura en el corazón. Cada vez que la luz de las farolas iluminaba sus austeras facciones, yo me fijaba en que tenía las cejas fruncidas y los finos labios apretados, en señal de reflexión. I had imagined that we were bound for Baker Street, but Holmes stopped the cab at the corner of Cavendish Square.

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I observed that as he stepped out he gave a most searching glance to right and left, and at every subsequent street corner he took the utmost pains to assure that he was not followed. Our route was certainly a singular one. We emerged at last into a small road, lined with old, gloomy houses, which led us into Manchester Street, and so to Blandford Street. Here he turned swiftly down a narrow passage, passed through a wooden gate into a deserted yard, and then opened with a key the back door of a house. We entered together, and he closed it behind us. Había pensado que nos dirigíamos a Baker Street, pero Holmes hizo detenerse el coche en la esquina de Cavendish Square.

Entramos en ella y Holmes cerró la puerta con llave. The place was pitch dark, but it was evident to me that it was an empty house. Our feet creaked and crackled over the bare planking, and my outstretched hand touched a wall from which the paper was hanging in ribbons. Here Holmes turned suddenly to the right and we found ourselves in a large, square, empty room, heavily shadowed in the corners, but faintly lit in the centre from the lights of the street beyond. My companion put his hand upon my shoulder and his lips close to my ear. Aunque la oscuridad era absoluta, resultaba evidente que se trataba de una casa vacía.

Nuestros pies hacían crujir y rechinar las tablas desnudas del suelo, y al extender la mano toqué una pared cuyo empapelado colgaba en jirones.